Granville Corn Maze

Maze Opens October 5th


When the summer turns to fall, there are all sorts of celebrations taking place with a wide array of activities that the whole family can enjoy. This is one of our priorities at the Granville Corn Maze. In our five years of operation, we have worked hard to provided experiences for education as well as fun.

On various days throughout the season, we invite some special guests to visit us and offer educational presentations on a variety of select topics. For example, the local agriculture extension presents informative agriculture presentations for children and families. We have also scheduled events with the beekeeper association and local first responders.

Agricultural Extension

One of the many educational presentations this year will be from the Agricultural Extension. Agricultural extensions do scientific research and promote modern knowledge for agricultural practices in farmer education.

The extension plays an important part in educating about agricultural productivity, providing food security, improving livelihoods, and using promotion towards agriculture as the engine of pro-poor economic growth. The extension is used to provide support services for rural producers meeting the new challenges that may confront or challenge agriculture. This may include transformation in global food and the agricultural system, which involves the rise of supermarkets and the impending importance of standards, labels, and food safety; progress in non-farm rural employment and agri-business; restrictions imposed by HIV/AIDS and/or any other health challenges that may have an effect on rural livelihoods; and the negative effect of the natural resource base and climate change.

The main roles and/or functions of agricultural extension can and may include:

  • Assisting farmers to discover and analyze any problems and any needs.
  • Developing leadership among the farmers and help them establish organized groups to solve any problems.
  • Encouraging farmers to grow their own products, eat healthier, and lead good lifestyles.
  • Provide and judge information based on the given research in such a manner that is accepted and fair.
  • Providing the researchers with information about the problems farmers have so they may find solutions.
  • Promote better natural, social, recreational, intellectual life, and just overall better quality of life among farmers.

Beekeepers Association

Beekeeper workingBees naturally produce honey, pollen, royal jelly, and beeswax. They actually hold a lot of importance in the environment. A beekeeper makes a living keeping honey bees in hives or even boxes and collecting the honey, pollen, and beeswax. They also work with farmers fro pollination purposes and raise queen bees.

If you are someone who loves the outdoors, nature, animals, and find yourself curious about how creatures find ways to contribute to our environment on a daily basis, then learning about the functions of honeybees and what they do is something you’d enjoy. If you like the idea of harvesting your own honey and farming on a smaller scale, then you may enjoy a career as a beekeeper. If that sounds like something that you may be interested in, look into local classes and what you need to do to start your beekeeping career.

The Granville County Beekeeper Association holds classes in North Carolina which you can sign up for to learn more about beekeeping and its functions and why it’s so important. Enjoy fun-filled classes where you get to see the joys and wonders of beekeeping happen before your eyes!

First Responders

When it comes to providing safety, and care for the people, first responders are our biggest go-to. We depend on them for many things like providing safety and care. A first responder is defined as a person that has been provided with specialized training and who is among the first to arrive and provide the proper assistance at the scene of an emergency. An emergency can be classified as an accident, natural disaster, terrorist attack, or medical situation. First responders typically include paramedics, emergency medical technicians, police officers, firefighters, rescuers, and any other trained professionals that can provide proper service and care.

A certified first responder is an individual who has earned and received certification to provide pre-hospital care in a certain jurisdiction. A community first responder is an individual dispatched to go to any medical emergencies until an ambulance can arrive at the scene. A wilderness first responder is trained to give pre-hospital care in remote areas and may need to have skills in ad-hoc-patient packaging and transport by non-motorized means.

First responders are trained to prepare and deal with a variety of potential medical emergencies. This job is very high stress and they are required to maintain excellent physical and mental health. First responders are individuals who may protect life, evidence, property or the environment before an emergency has time to get serious and take place. 

The duties of first responders depend on the nature of a certain emergency. As an EMT, duties may include administering life support care and/or first aid, helping injured people for transport and using proper communication with dispatchers and medical facilities about the quantity and condition of any incoming transported patients. Firefighters typically respond to fire alarms and hazardous material situations, locate and/or rescue individuals from burning buildings, put out the dangerous fires and administer CPR and first aid if EMS is not present and needed. Restoring the public order, administering first aid and preventing vandalism or theft from taking place would be the duties as a police officer.

Response times are one of the most important aspects of all three emergency services which include: law enforcement, fire services, and emergency medical services (EMS). It was developed this way for emergencies in all three services because these emergencies can escalate rapidly and emergency responders may need to be able to do something to stop it in the proper response time. The police may stop an assailant from doing or causing any harm to the public or themselves. Or doing any more harm than may have already been done. The fire department may be able to rescue any victims from a burning building or vehicle; EMS may be able to resuscitate a person that has gone into ​cardiac arrest which is one of the few medical conditions proceeding to result in death if not treated properly and efficiently.

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