Granville Corn Maze

Maze Opens October 5th

Other Activities

The Granville Corn Maze is more than just a corn maze — much more. The fall season brings out amazing traditions and celebrations that are highlighted by Halloween and we’ve got plenty to offer.

Don’t Miss These Activities

The Granville Corn Maze something that is truly unique that will bring fun and satisfaction to you and your whole family. Keep reading to learn more about everything we have to offer.

  • The Corn Maze — This year’s corn maze is rounded up to be about nine acres long and features a salute our heroes. This, of course, is included with every ticket purchased.
  • The Haunt Farm — The local drive-in movie theater is overrun with your horror movie favorites and someone has to stop them! Is it YOU? Venture into our Haunted Trail and see for yourself how your worst nightmares are leaping from the big screen….or test your aim on our Zombie Paintball Hayride and help exterminate the zombie hoard that lurks within our old abandoned movie set. If you’re good at solving riddles, take a chance before time runs out in our Escape Room. With our help, you’ll discover if you have what it takes to conquer the armies of darkness!
  • The Pumpkin Patch — As a celebration of our fifth year in operation, we are offering you-pick pumpkin patch. There will also be a pumpkin decorating contest under the concession stand, where you can decorate the pumpkin of your choosing. The pumpkin patch is also included with every ticket.
  • The Hayride — Of course, what’s a trip to a farm without a hayride? Experience the crisp fall air as you ride in a hay filled wagon pulled by a tractor. The ride will go all over the farm, as well as over to the pumpkin patch where you can pick out your very own pumpkin. The hayride is including with every ticket purchased.
  • Education — We also offer various education programs on select days with special guests visiting the farm to give educational presentations. Educators come in variety such as,  local agriculture extension, beekeepers association and first responders.
  • Bounce Houses — Bounce Houses can be a lot of fun — especially at parties and other celebrations. But you always want to plan ahead and make sure you’re following the right safety procedures for bounce houses. Those can include:
    1. Only children age 6 and older should use bounce houses. Younger children may not have the balance, coordination or strength to safely enjoy one. 
    2. An adult must always be present to supervise. At a park or other similar setting, it is best to have a trained supervisor to watch over the bounce house to ensure no one gets in harm’s way.
    3. Before entering, have the kids remove their shoes and glasses.
    4. Set rules for safe play. Tell children to not roughhouse too much, tumble, wrestle or do flips. Have children keep away from exit/entrance when jumping so they don’t fall out of the bouncer.
    5. If the bouncer begins to lose air, or if it’s too windy, have all children carefully exit the bouncer.
  • CornholeCornhole is one of America’s most popular lawn games, it’s also called bags, bag toss, corn toss, bean toss, bean bag and probably a few other names. It can be played with two or four players, either one-on-one or two teams split into two. Players take turns trying to toss bean bags into the hole from a distance (for three points) or thrown onto the board from a distance (for one point). Cornhole can be an awesome and fun game if you know what you’re doing. Here a few pointers to remember while playing. But for the most part, just have fun!
    1. Think Small: When you focus on getting every bag through the hole, you’re more likely to overthink the toss. Instead, aim for the front of the board, the bean bag is more likely to slide into the hole that way.
    2. Spins Equal Wins: Sometimes it helps to use different techniques when throwing your bean bag, so instead of just throwing the bag, try adding a little spin to the bean bag, thrown in a spiral instead of just straight. 
    3. Keep Your Cool: Do your best to stay relaxed and have fun. When you get tense, your game tends to suffer.

  • S’mores — S’mores are and always will be a classic yummy outdoors dessert. S’mores are made with chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers. After roasting your marshmallow over a fire (of however you choose) place it in between to graham crackers and place a piece of chocolate in between the graham cracker and marshmallow to have the perfect dessert flavor. Usually you just use a piece of a milk chocolate candy bar but it’s okay to switch it up. Try your very own favorite candy bar as a chocolate substitute.

We have a great variety of activities for everyone to enjoy along with hot chocolate and snacks! Tickets range from five to ten dollars. Five dollars for children and ten dollars for adults. Come see North Carolina’s hidden halloween gem!